Intersectoral action on health

A path for policy-makers to implement effective and sustainable action on health


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Number of pages: 32
Publication date: 2011



The need to involve many other sectors of society in addition to health in the struggle for a healthier society has been a long-held conviction of WHO. WHO’s recommendations to address specific issues usually emphasize the role of a wide range of players beyond the health sector, in recognition of the complex network of determinants of health. After a series of consultations, including a review of experiences worldwide, this document summarizes a set of recommendations, lessons and approaches to intersectoral action on health as an overall strategy for public policy. The document presents a series of steps which policy-makers can take to promote multi-sector health initiatives, illustrated by six real-life examples.

This is by no means a “one size fits all” approach, but a sharing of lessons and an encouragement to policy-makers and advocates at all levels of government to move towards intersectoral action to positively impact on population health and health equity.