WKC networking event on “Empowering the Future of Cities” held at the 6th World Urban Forum in Naples, Italy

WHO/L. Garcon

The World Urban Forum is organized by UN-HABITAT every second year and its 6th Forum took place this year in Naples, Italy, 1-7 September.

During the Forum, the WHO Kobe Centre held a networking event on “Empowering the Future of Cities: Addressing urban health and health equity through intersectoral action” on Monday, 3 September. This was one of the few events dedicated specifically to discussing health issues.

The event aimed to provide practical information on how to make cities more liveable and to assess and respond to urban health inequity through intersectoral action (sector collaboration and coordination).

Examples of intersectoral programmes were presented, and as practical guidance, the WHO “ten steps” for policy-makers to promote intersectoral action was shared.

The speakers of the event:
  • Mr Alex Ross, Director of WKC
    Opening; WHO Ten Steps for Policy-makers to Implement Intersectoral Action on Health
  • Mr Jon Dawson, Jon Dawson Associates, United Kingdom
    Intersectoral Action on Health in Urban Settings – Liverpool Active City 2005-2010
  • Ms Maja Larsen, University of Southern Denmark
    Challenges and Facilitators for Intersectoral Health Policy in a Danish Municipality