WKC Forum: Innovation for Healthy Ageing
– Examples of current trends in research –
5 March 2014

The WHO Kobe Centre (WKC) will organize an open forum on “Innovation for Healthy Ageing – Examples of current trends in research –” in Kobe on 5 March 2014.

In almost every country, the proportion of people aged over 60 years is growing faster than any other age group, as a result of both longer life expectancy and declining fertility rates. This demographic transition reflects the success of our societies in tackling global health threats, such as infectious and parasitic diseases and conditions. Population ageing challenges society to adapt, in order to maximize the health and functional capacity of older people as well as their social participation and security.

The contemporary challenge then becomes not just living long, but living in good health and maintaining a high quality of life. In order to meet this challenge, the WHO launched a new program from its Kobe Centre (WKC) to identify and encourage new innovations to support healthy ageing around the world. Together, with its global network of partners, the WKC also seeks to share the best research on healthy ageing with the world, as well as with its local community.

Japan has long led the way in the discovery of new systems and technologies for the health of senior citizens, as well as social and healthcare systems to maintain, promote and ensure better health outcomes for elderly.

At this Forum, three of Japan’s leading innovators will present their work to improve healthy ageing through, cutting-edge elder-friendly medicine, robotics and innovations to keep older adults mobile and independent. The forum will explore ways in which this adaptation is taking place in Japan via innovative medicine and technologies.

Date & venue:

5 March 2014 (Wednesday) 14:00 –16:00
WHO Kobe Centre


Language: Japanese

14:00–14:10 Opening remarks
14:10–15:30 Presentations
15:30–15:55 Discussion
15:55–16:00 Closing remarks


Professor Kiyomi Sadamoto
Department of Clinical Pharmacy
Yokohama College of Pharmacy
Yokohama, Japan

Professor Zhiwei Luo
Department of Computational Science
Graduate School of System Informatics
Kobe University
Kobe, Japan

Dr Hyuntae Park
Chief Investigator
Section of Motor Function Activation
Center for Gerontology and Social Science
National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology
Obu City, Japan

(in order of presentations)