Expert review of Urban HEART

Over the past decade WHO Kobe Centre has supported city and national officials in their efforts to tackle health inequities. The Urban Health Equity Assessment and Response Tool (Urban HEART), since 2008, has provided a step-by-step guidance to local officials and communities to collectively analyse and act on inequities.

Urban HEART has been used in 50 cities from 35 countries by 2013. Users and experts have provided substantial feedback on how to improve the tool. Therefore, in November 2013, WHO Kobe Centre convened an expert meeting of academics, policy makers and international organizations in Kobe to deliberate on key areas of guidance in Urban HEART where users can be better supported.

Experts have provided specific advice to WHO on how to scale-up the use of Urban HEART and mainstream its use in city planning. The meeting report details the expert deliberations on revising Urban HEART.