WKC at the 10th APACT Conference
18-21 August 2013, Chiba, Japan

WHO Kobe Centre

The 10th Asia Pacific Conference on Tobacco or Health (APACT) was held in Chiba, Japan, 18-21 August 2013, under the title “Ending the tobacco epidemic – protecting and keeping healthy lives”. 785 delegates from 42 countries gathered to discuss current issues related to tobacco control and linkages with the non-communicable disease epidemic.

The WHO Kobe Centre (WKC), in coordination with WHO Headquarters and the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific (WPRO), organized a pre-conference workshop on Sunday, 18 August aimed at training city officials, civil society and health personnel in making cities smoke-free through the development of comprehensive local legislation, to protect the public against the harmful effects of second-hand smoke. This training is part of current efforts from WHO and its partners to tackle second-hand smoke exposure in cities.

22 delegates from Japan, Thailand, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore and Bangladesh attended the training, and will form a contingent of committed professional that may in turn train city officials and tobacco control stakeholders.

Training material available to the participants under the form of a workshop guide can be accessed below, as well as a facilitator workbook for those who aim to replicate such training in their city. An important resource is the WHO publication ‘Making your city smoke-free’ which provides lessons learned and guidance on developing legislation at the city level to protect the public against exposure to second-hand smoke. All these three documents are available to download in the links below.



Making cities smoke free cover

Training material


WKC was also selected to present three posters highlighting results from the recent research conducted with Kobe Pharmaceutical University and University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan.

More information on the APACT can be found here.

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