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Blue Trunk Libraries

Regional Offices

The Blue Trunk Libraries project has provided an opportunity to demonstrate the Organization's unity. In the two regions in which the project has been set up, it was made possible by the active involvement of the Regional Office.

In Africa, the Regional Director has promoted the project from the very outset by writing to all the Ministers of Health of the countries of the Region in order to introduce the Blue Trunk Libraries project. Librarians from the Regional Offices carry out training courses in the countries with their colleagues from headquarters. This close involvement at Regional level is then carried on to country level, where the Offices of WHO Representatives play the vital role of catalyst.

The WHO Office for the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO) has taken the opportunity to adapt the project to its region. Thanks to the enthusiasm shown by the WHO Representative in Egypt, it has been possible to obtain funding from UNICEF, UNFPA, from Italian Cooperation and from Plan International, with the result that 200 Blue Trunk Libraries have been ordered for Egypt. The EMRO library services have begun to put the modules together themselves, adding publications in Arabic. It is a significant breakthrough for the project to be an integral part of the Regional Office's activities.

In 2012 the Spanish version of the Blue trunk library was finalized with the help of staff from the library of the WHO Regional Office for the Americas (OPS). Publications targeted to the Latin American audience were specifically selected, along with publications from the PALTEX programme. Books from external editors such as the prestigious manualAnatomía de Gray para los estudiantes from Elsevier, los diagnósticos de enfermeria from McGrawHill and the Manual de enfermería de emergencia from Harcourt Brace were also added to the collection. 25 Blue trunk libraries were already dispatched to Cuba, Honduras, Argentina and Equatorial Guinea. Active promotion from the OPS and WHO Press in Latin America should generate additional orders for the Spanish version and allow many countries of this region to access the wealth of information contained in the Blue trunk.