Knowledge management and health

Blue Trunk Libraries


How much does it cost?

Each Blue Trunk Library costs US$2000. This price includes the collection of books already prepared in the Trunk and the training of those responsible for the trunks at the district level, once there are at least 20 trunks in a country. The actual cost of dispatch will be added to the invoice. A procedure has been put in place to monitor and evaluate the operation of the Blue Trunk Libraries locally by a national coordinator, with the support of the Office of the WHO Representative (WR).

Financing and support for the project

The project would be unable to survive in countries without the support of the Ministry of Health and of the Office of the WHO Representative, who secures support from the national authorities and decides with them whether it corresponds to the country's needs.

It is also the WHO Representative, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, who approaches donors in the embassies or international organizations to obtain funding. The World Bank, the European Union, UNDP and UNICEF have provided funding for the project in various countries. Other bilateral cooperation and aid agencies such as the French, Italian, German and Swiss have responded favourably to requests for funds. Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) such as Solidarité Protestante, Entraide Médical Internationale and the Save the Children Fund have chosen to include the Blue Trunk Library in their own health centre projects in countries. It should be mentioned that a significant number of Blue Trunk Libraries have been funded by the Offices of WHO Representatives, in order to enable the project to get started.

The Office of the WHO Representative provides the project with valuable logistical and moral support. Frequently, the professional responsible for health information and promotion (HIP) at the WHO Representative's office makes it possible to provide the national coordinator, whose own ministry resources are meager, with support to ensure that the Blue Trunk Libraries are received in the country and forwarded to their final destination.