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Contents of the English version of the Blue Trunk Library


  • Basic concepts of nursing procedures. 2nd ed. I Clement. Jaypee Brothers. ISBN 9789350902844, 2013, 480p.
  • Care of the critically ill patient in the tropics and sub-tropics. Watters D A K, Wilson I H, Leaver R J, Bagshawe A. Macmillan Press, ISBN 9780333915011, 2004, 466p.
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  • Clinical Medicine: A textbook of clinical methods and laboratory investigations . 4th ed. DAS, KV K at all. Jaypee Brothers, ISBN 9789350902806, 2013, 830p.
  • Community Case Management During an Influenza Outbreak. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241501842, 2011, 161p.
  • Gray anatomy for students. Drake, R., Wayne Vogl, A., Mitchell, A. Elsevier. ISBN 9780443069529, 2009, 1103p.
  • mhGAP Intervention Guide for Mental, Neurological and Substance-use Disorders in non-specialized Health Settings. World Health Organization, ISBN 9789241548069, 2010, 107p.
  • Nursing Care of the Sick. A guide for nurses working in small rural hospital. World Health Organization, Regional Office for the Western Pacific, ISBN 9789290611424, 1998, 221p.
  • Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine. Eddleston M, Pierini S. Oxford University Press, ISBN 9780199204090, 2008, 843p.
  • Persisting Pain in Children Package. World Health Organization, ISBN 9789241548120, 2012, 275p.
  • Prevention of Recurrent Heart Attacks and strokes in Low and Middle Income Populations. Evidence-based recommendations for policy makers and health professionals. World Health Organization, ISBN 9789241562584, 2003,106p.
  • Primary Ear and Hearing Care Training Resource. Basic level - Trainer's manual - Student's Workbook - Advance level. World Health Organization, ISBN 9789241562584, 2006, 346p.
  • Psychological First Aid. World Health Organization, ISBN 9789241548205, 2011, 65p.


  • 25 Questions & Answers on Health & Human Rights. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241545693, 2002, 32p.
  • Cancer Control: Knowledge into Action. WHO Guide for Effective Programmes. Diagnosis and Treatment. World Health Organization, ISBN 9789241547406, 2008, 48p.
  • Cancer Control: Knowledge into Action. WHO Guide for Effective Programmes. Policy and Advocacy. World Health Organization, ISBN 9789241547529, 2008, 54p.
  • Cancer Control: Knowledge into Action. WHO Guide for Effective Programmes. Prevention World Health Organization, ISBN 9789241547116, 2007, 54p.
  • Cancer Control: Knowledge into Action. WHO Guide for Effective Programmes. Planning. World Health Organization, ISBN 9789241546997, 2006, 46p.
  • Cervical Cancer Screening in Developing Countries. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241545723, 2002, 87p.
  • Community-based Rehabilitation: CBR Guidelines .World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241548052, 2010, 452p.
  • Educational Handbook for Health Personnel. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241706353, 1998, 362p.
  • Public health engineering in emergency situation. 2st ed. Delmas G, Courvallet M. Médecins sans Frontières, 2010, 1v, 63p. + chapter 8.
  • Public Health Significance of Urban Pests. Community Component of the IMCI Strategy. World Health Organization, ISBN 9789289071888. 2nd ed. 1992, 582p.
  • Setting up Community Health Programmes: a practical manual for use in developing countries. Lankester T. Macmillan Press, ISBN 9781405086028, 2008, 426p.
  • Systems Thinking for Health Systems Strengthening. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241563895, 2009, 107p.
  • Verbal Autopsy Standards. World Health Organization, ISBN 9789241547215, 2007, 117p.


  • Avoiding Heart Attacks and Strokes: don't be a victim - protect yourself. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241546720, 2005, 44p.
  • Helping Health Workers Learn: a book of methods, aids and ideas for instructors at the village level. Werner D., Bower B. Hesperian Foundation. ISBN 9780942364101, 1982, 640p.
  • Integrating Mental Health into Primary Care. A Global Perspective. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241563680, 2008, 214p.
  • Pharmacological Treatment of Mental Disorders in Primary Health Care. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241547697, 2009, 79p.
  • Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases: Guidelines for Primary Health Care in Low Resource Settings. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241548397, 2012, 68p.
  • Trichiasis Surgery for Trachoma. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241548670, 2013, 72p.
  • Where there is No Dentist. Dickson, M. Hesperian Foundation. ISBN 9780942364057, updated 2012, 238p.
  • Where there is No Doctor: a village health care handbook for Africa. Werner D. Hesperian Foundation. ISBN 9780942364156. Updated 2009, 512p.


  • Basic Epidemiology. 2nd ed. Beaglehole R, Bonita R, Kjellström T. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241563680, 2006, 219p.
  • Oxford Handbook of Public Health Practice. 2nd ed. Pencheon D (et al). Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780198566557, 2006, 691p.


  • Clubfoot: Ponseti Management. 2nd ed. Ponseti, Ignacio. Global-HELP Organization. ISBN 9781601890023, 2003, 32p.
  • Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Control. A guide to essential practice. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241547000, 2006, 272p.
  • Making Health Services Adolescent Friendly. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241503594, 2012, 50p.
  • Managing Complications in Pregnancy and Childbirth: a guide for midwives and doctors. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241545877, 2003, 448p.
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  • Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postpartum and Newborn Care: a guide for essential practice. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241590846, 2006, 178p.
  • Responding to Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence Against Women. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241548595, 2013, 63p.
  • Safe Abortion. 2nd ed. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241548434, 2012, 131p.
  • Selected Practice Recommendations for Contraceptive Use. 2nd ed. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241562843, 2004, 161p.
  • WHO Medical Eligibility Criteria Wheel for Contraceptive Use, 2008 Update. World Health Organization, ISBN 9789241547710, 2009. (1 wheel)
  • WHO Recommendations for the Prevention of Postpartum Haemorrhage. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241548502, 2007, 35p.


  • Acute Diarrhoeal Diseases in Complex Emergencies: critical steps. World Health Organization, 2004, WHO/CDS/CPE/ZFK/2004.6 (leaflet)
  • Care for Child Development. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241548403, 2012, 117p.
  • Cholera Outbreak: assessing the outbreak response and improving preparedness. World Health Organization, 2004, WHO/CDS/CPE/ZFK/2004.4., 87p.
  • Developmental Difficulties in Early Childhood. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241503549, 2012, 160p.
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  • WHO Recommendations on the Management of Diarrhoea and Pneumonia in HIV Infected Infants and Children. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241548083, 2011, 59p.

BOX 160 : HOSPITALS CARE (2 boxes)

  • District Laboratory Practice in Tropical Countries: part 1. 2nd ed. Cheesbrough Monica. Tropical Health Technology. ISBN 9780521676304, 2006, 454p.
  • District Laboratory Practice in Tropical Countries: part 2. 2nd ed. Cheesbrough Monica. Tropical Health Technology. ISBN 9780521676311, 2006, 434p.
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  • Monitoring Emergency Obstetric Care. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241547734, 2009, 160p.
  • Natural Ventilation for Infection Control in Health-care Settings. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241547857, 2009, 131p.
  • Pattern Recognition in Diagnostic Imaging. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241546324, 2001, 205p.
  • Pulse Oximetry. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241501132, 2011, 23p.
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  • Basic Malaria Microscopy: Part I. Learner's Guide, 2nd ed. World Health Organization. ISBN 9789241547826, 2010, 83p.
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