Knowledge management and health

Blue Trunk Libraries


The Blue Trunk Library has been developed by the Library of the World Health Organization for installation in district health centres in Africa as a means of compensating for the lack of up-to-date medical and health information.

The collection, which is organized according to major subjects, contains more than one hundred books on medicine and public health.

In order to make it easier to transport and store, the collection has been packed into a blue metal trunk fitted with two shelves on which the cardboard boxes     containing the books are arranged.

Among the works chosen, priority has been given to practical manuals (especially those published by WHO) offering easily accessible solutions to the medical, public health and management problems medical staff may have to face. Differing levels of education among district medical staff have also been taken into account. The same topic may be addressed in different publications from a different point of view: that of the physician, the nurse, the nursing auxiliary or health worker.

The collection, which has been deliberately kept small, is not exhaustive. Other suitable local material is available at district level and should be added.

Blue Trunk Libraries are available in 4 other languages:

  • Arabic
    Similar to English version, contains publications in English and in Arabic (provided by EMRO). Trunk is made of wood and has 4 wheels.
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish