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Department of Knowledge Management and Sharing (KMS)

KMS was formed after a detailed strategic review in 2003 to develop and implement a strategy which will foster knowledge management and sharing within WHO and in public health. Its mission is to bridge the know-do gap: the gap between what is known and what is done, which is behind most health inequities in the world.

Core Functions

In collaboration with regional offices and external partners, KMS in engaged in a range of activities which are aimed at achieving its strategic goals. Some of the key knowledge management functions relating to each strategic direction can be found in the this section.


The mission of the Global WHO Knowledge Management (KM) team is to bridge the know-do gap in global health by fostering an environment that encourages the creation, sharing, and effective application of knowledge to improve health.

Director of the Department

Dr Najeeb Al-Shorbaji has been working as Director of the Department since 1 September 2008.


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