Global action plan for influenza vaccines

OBJECTIVE 1. Increase in seasonal vaccine use

The first GAP approach is to encourage countries to increase their seasonal vaccine use.


WHO/Chris Black

Increase use of seasonal influenza vaccine. This will reduce disease burden of seasonal influenza infections, contribute towards the preparedness of countries to respond to an eventual pandemic and motivate industry to develop greater capacity for manufacturing vaccines.

To assist Member States to formulate appropriate policies for seasonal influenza vaccination programmes as well as to plan for equitable access to and deployment of vaccine in the event of the pandemic, WHO is implementing the following activities:

  • surveillance of seasonal disease burden
  • assess current and planned seasonal vaccine use, and potential pandemic vaccine demand
  • strengthen national immunization advisory committees
  • assess and strengthen national capacity to deploy pandemic vaccine
  • establish an H5N1 influenza vaccine stockpile
  • develop tools to estimate the impact and cost-effectiveness of different scenarios with limited pandemic influenza vaccine availability
  • promote activities to ensure equitable access for all Member States to pandemic influenza vaccines