Global action plan for influenza vaccines

Workshop on Enhancing Communication around Influenza Vaccination (WEECIV)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, USA,
11-13 June 2013


To ensure rapid and equitable access to influenza vaccines in the event of a pandemic, WHO’s Global Action Plan for Influenza Vaccines (GAP) promotes the expansion of influenza vaccine production capacity, including the establishment of new production facilities in countries and regions previously lacking capacity.

The Workshop on Enhancing Communication around Influenza Vaccination will directly support the GAP and global public health preparedness through a) improving evidence-based communication about the benefits and safety of seasonal vaccination, thus contributing to the establishment of sustainable vaccine production capacities worldwide through increased up-take of seasonal vaccines and b) strengthening risk communication capacity building, which will also directly support influenza pandemic preparedness.

The goal of the workshop is to enhance and strengthen evidence-based communication capacity on influenza vaccination.