WHO public health research agenda for influenza


The goal of the WHO public health research agenda for influenza is to guide research so that knowledge gained improves public health decision making in the prevention and control of influenza.

Biannual Progress Review and Report

In order to evaluate the impact of WHO’s initiative to encourage research on better prevention and control of influenza globally, a biannual progress review was conducted. WHO Secretariat, with help from the scientific committee, identified high priority public health research topics from the five main research areas (‘Streams’) and commissioned literature reviews for each. Over 4000 citations of publications from 2010–2011 in more than 200 journals or other peer-reviewed publications were found through the literature reviews and database searches for this Progress Report.

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  • Report of the First Global Consultation - November, 2009
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    WHO convened the first global consultation on a Public Health Research Agenda for Influenza from 17 to 20 November 2009. The consultation brought together over 90 public health decision makers, academic and clinical investigators, representatives from donors/funding organizations and other key stakeholders from 35 countries. The aim of the consultation was to review the draft Public Health Research Agenda for Influenza proposed by WHO and to facilitate its implementation.

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