2014 Questionnaire to identify influenza vaccine, diagnostic and pharmaceutical manufacturers using WHO Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS) under Section 6.14.3 of the PIP Framework



The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine if your company/institution/establishment is an "influenza vaccine, diagnostic [or] pharmaceutical manufacturer using the Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS)." Under the PIP Framework, to be identified as a contributor to the annual Partnership Contribution, an entity must be an influenza manufacturer and use GISRS. Entities that are ‘manufacturers’ under the PIP Framework but do not ‘use GISRS’ will not be identified as contributors. Likewise, entities that ‘use GISRS’ but are not ‘manufacturers’ will not be identified as contributors.


The questionnaire consists of 3 questions, one of which has several sub-questions.

Question 3 contains several sub-questions which are aimed at assisting WHO to better understand the range of entities that use GISRS and that are involved in the development of influenza products. These sub-questions are also meant to sensitize influenza manufacturers to the fact that they may be using GISRS indirectly through subcontractors or by using components developed or produced by another laboratory or company that itself uses GISRS.

Please note the following: Sub-questions 3c), 3e) and 3g) are optional. The Questionnaire may be submitted without filling in those fields or by answering “Do not know” or “Confidential information”. That said, WHO will greatly appreciate any information that may be shared by you in relation to these sub-questions. Please further note that any information provided in these sub-questions 3c), 3e) or 3g) will not be released or shared by WHO with any company, institution, establishment or other entity.

You are requested to complete the questions online no later than 26 May 2014.

In due course, WHO will publish the following results of the 2014 Questionnaire on the WHO PIP Framework webpage:

  • the list of institutions contacted;
  • the responses provided by each institution (but not answers to sub-questions 3c), 3e) and 3g));
  • the list of institutions that did not respond.

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