International Medical Products Anti-Counterfeiting Taskforce — IMPACT


IMPACT has delivered on its commitments.

IMPACT Planning Group members have taken note of the recent discussions of the World Health Organization's (WHO) Working Group on Substandard/Spurious/Falsely-Labelled/Falsified/Counterfeit (SSFFC) Medical Products, which recognized that the work undertaken thus far by the International Medical Product Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force (IMPACT) has delivered valuable results to countries around the world.

The Report of the Working Group on SSFFC Medical Products recognizes that WHO's key role in protecting public health has to include the fight against SSFFC medical products, notably in the areas of information exchange and awareness raising, in developing/updating/promoting norms and standards, and providing technical support to countries to build and further strengthen national regulatory infrastructures and capacity.

Working Group members recognized the helpful work that IMPACT has developed, and the benefits that several countries have gained from these efforts. However, it was suggested that amendments be made to IMPACT's terms of reference and its governance process so as to further clarify its public health mission.

IMPACT Planning Group members encourage WHO's and WHO member States' continued and essential involvement in these efforts

In this context, an international multi-stakeholder initiative like IMPACT remains essential to build coordinated efforts in order to protect public health against substandard and SFFC medical products.

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IMPACT brochure