Immunization standards

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine (Live) (1 dose vial)

Vaccine Trade Name: Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine Live (SA14-14-2)

Vaccine Type: Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine Live

Manufacturer: Chengdu Institute of Biological Products Co. Ltd China

Country of Manufacture: China

Date of prequalification: 9 October 2013

NRA of Record: China Food and Drug Administration

Product Description

Pharmaceutical form: lyophilised

Presentation: 1 dose vial

Route of administration: subcutaneous

Vaccine Vial Monitor: Type 14

Shelf life: 18 months at 2 - 8 °C

Secondary Packaging: Ten vials are packed in a small boxes, 83 mm x 43.5 mm x 38.5 mm, with one packaging insert.
Ten small boxes are packaged with plastic membrane.
Ten middle unit (each contains 100 vials) are packaged into one corrugated carton (445 mm x 222 mm x 215 mm).

Cold Chain volume per dose (cm3): 21.2cm3

Tertiary Packaging: Before shipping, the carton together with icepacks and cold chain monitor are placed into a foam box (711mm x 479mm x 520mm) and then put into one big corrugated carton (730mm x 500mm x 540mm).

Preservative: none


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20 December 2013 19:01 CET