Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

State of the world's vaccines and immunization. Third edition

21 October 2009

Key messages - Chapter 3

Jean-Marc Giboux
  • From 2000 to 2007, intensified vaccination campaigns resulted in a 74% reduction in measles deaths globally.
  • Polio has been eradicated in three of WHO’s six regions and is today endemic in only four countries – down from 125 countries in 1988.
  • Integrating immunization with the delivery of other health interventions can boost immunization coverage and accelerate the achievement of MDG 4.
  • Targeted immunization strategies for difficult-to-reach populations increase equity in access to vaccines.
  • Weak health systems are a major constraint on the effectiveness of immunization programmes.
  • Strong and effective leadership, and national ownership of immunization programmes, are key components of a successful national immunization programme.
  • There is a need to foster increased public demand for vaccines.
  • Disease surveillance and monitoring programmes need to be strengthened at all levels.
  • False or unsubstantiated rumours about vaccine safety can undermine immunization programmes and cost lives.