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SAGE working mechanisms and working groups

SAGE meets at least twice a year, with working groups established for detailed review of specific topics prior to discussion by the full group. Priorities of work and meeting agendas are developed by the Group in consultation with WHO.

UNICEF, the Secretariat of the GAVI Alliance, and WHO Regional Offices participate as observers in SAGE meetings and deliberations. WHO also invites other observers to SAGE meetings, including representatives from WHO regional technical advisory groups, non-governmental organizations, international professional organizations, technical agencies, donor organizations and associations of manufacturers of vaccines and immunization technologies. Additional experts may be invited, as appropriate, to further contribute to specific agenda items.

In addition to attendance of meetings, active participation is expected from all SAGE members throughout the year, including participation in SAGE working groups, video and telephone conferences and interaction via e-mail. Review of documents may also be solicited. SAGE members may be requested to participate as observers in other WHO departmental or cross-departmental meetings.

SAGE working groups are established as resources intended to increase the effectiveness of SAGE deliberations. Members of working groups provide evidence-based information and options for recommendations for discussion by the full SAGE in an open forum. The need and charge for a working group is discussed and agreed during SAGE meetings.

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Last updated: October 2017