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Call for nominations for SAGE Working Group on Japanese encephalitis vaccine

The Working Group will be asked to review the evidence, identify the information gaps, and formulate proposed recommendations on the use of Japanese encephalitis (JE) vaccines for a SAGE review. This will lead to an update of the current (2006) JE vaccine position paper. The target date for publication of the revised vaccine position paper is 2015.

The Working Group will specifically be asked to review data relating to:

  • the global prevalence and burden of disease caused by JE, including issues relating to JE surveillance
  • the role of inactivated mouse-brain based JE vaccines in the context of other products
  • the safety, effectiveness, and immunogenicity profile of inactivated, live attenuated, and chimeric JE vaccines*
  • the schedule and age of administration for the first dose of inactivated, live attenuated, and chimeric JE vaccines*
  • the duration of protection following immunization with inactivated, live attenuated, and chimeric JE vaccines*
  • co-administration of JE vaccines* with other vaccines
  • use of JE vaccines* in special populations (e.g. immunosuppressed, pregnancy)
  • the disease impact and cost-effectiveness of JE immunization programs
  • additional critical issues that need to be considered in updating the current vaccine position paper

*Due to the large number of available JE vaccines with limited global use, the Working Group will focus its in-depth evidence review on products with current or likely international distribution.

Expertise needed

  • Expertise in JE epidemiology and control strategies
    • Epidemiology/Surveillance
    • Clinical
    • Virology
  • Expertise in immunogenicity, efficacy and safety of available JE vaccines
    • Epidemiology/Surveillance
    • Immunology
    • Regulatory
    • Program management

Proposals for nominations should be sent by email to with Curriculum Vitae, indication of expertise and a completed declaration of interest form no later than Friday 25 October 2013.