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The Vaccine Product, Price and Procurement (V3P) Project

The V3P Project is an initiative designed to improve access to relevant vaccine product, price, and procurement information.

The lack of reliable, accurate and neutral vaccine product, price and procurement information and data has been identified as a key obstacle for Middle Income Countries (MICs), particularly those graduating from GAVI support. Vaccine product, price, and procurement information and data are essential to forecasting, budgeting, and identifying sustainable financing for new and priority vaccines.

Prior to V3P there has been no comprehensive information source available for vaccine prices. Some prices are published by individual countries and by large pooled procurement groups such as the UNICEF Supply Division and the PAHO Revolving Fund. However, interpreting this information requires an understanding of global procurement systems, knowledge of comparable products and familiarity with vaccine price and procurement data.

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Project Goal

The goal of V3P is to identify, develop and establish the most appropriate and comprehensive method(s), mechanism(s) and/or tools to provide countries with accurate, reliable and useful data on vaccine product, price and procurement.

Phases of design

The V3P project has been designed in two phases.

Phase One (September 2011 to March 2013) focused on gathering and analyzing information about country needs, stakeholder concerns and lessons learned from existing price information mechanisms. Based on these findings the working team developed options for a V3P mechanism, sought advice from the V3P steering committee and consulted with stakeholders before developing the first prototype.

Phase Two (April 2013 to June 2014) focused on testing different options in countries and developing the V3P prototype. In mid 2014, the V3P web-based platform was launched and is now available for countries to use.


Members of the V3P Steering Committee include representatives from:

  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Center for Global Development
  • GAVI Secretariat
  • The Global Fund
  • PAHO Revolving Fund
  • Results for Development
  • SIVAC Initiative/Agence de Médecine Préventive
  • UNICEF Supply Division
  • WHO HQ and Regional Offices

Last update: January 2015