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Vaccine Pricing

Vaccine price data is critical information required by all countries for budgeting, forecasting and planning purposes. Cost effectiveness and cost benefit analyses will not produce useful information if actual prices are significantly different from any benchmarks or model prices. Accurate price information is required to prepare implementation plans by providing decision makers with projections of both the immediate and future impact of their funding investment decisions. Data on vaccine prices informs decision making and allows for the monitoring of achievements over time.

Vaccine pricing is becoming increasingly complex and multidimensional at a global level as well as in specific country contexts. In order to secure affordable pricing and improved supply, more complex contractual conditions, such as assured volumes, upfront payment, multiyear contracts, bundling of products, price change triggers, discounts and rebates, etc. are being negotiated. These conditions generate more complicated purchase contracts that make it harder to identify the actual price of a vaccine and to disaggregate all price components. In this context it is critical to pay more attention to contractual terms in order to conduct meaningful comparisons between prices.

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