Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

Procurement mechanisms and systems

The complexity of the procurement processes pose numerous challenges, in particular to countries self-procuring vaccines. WHO provides guidance, information and best practices to address these challenges. The material contained in this section provides specific information on the most critical features of vaccine procurement.

This page discusses key aspects of country procurement and provides detailed information and guidance on the following topics:

  • Different types of procurement systems and mechanisms available for countries, including self-procurement, collaboration with other countries and the outsourcing of vaccine procurement to procurement agencies;
  • Critical steps of the vaccine procurement cycle;
  • Stakeholders to be involved in the procurement process to address all critical programmatic, financial and quality related aspects;
  • Overall best practices in vaccine procurement.

This page discusses different types of vaccine pooled procurement (VPP) stages and provides detailed information on:

  • The benefits of VPP and which countries are most likely to gain from this type of procurement mechanism;
  • The four stages of VPP, including Information Sharing and Individual Informed Buying, Coordinated Informed Buying, Group Contracting and Central Contracting
  • How to establish a Central Contracting VPP (the closest form of cooperation between countries);
  • Examples of established VPP mechanisms operated by UN agencies and country groups.

WHO’s Immunization Department (IVB), works closely with partners, particularly the PAHO Revolving Fund and UNICEF Supply Division on vaccine procurement policies and practicalities. This page provides web links to information and guidance on vaccine procurement related issues that are publicly available and provided by WHO partners and other organizations.

Last update: January 2015


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