Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

Procurement mechanisms and systems

The procurement of vaccines is a complex process that requires specialized knowledge to ensure the timely and cost-effective supply of high-quality products.

To conduct an effective procurement process that fulfills the needs of the National Immunization Programme (NIP), countries need to be aware of the vaccine market dynamics, the various procurement mechanisms and stages of the procurement cycle, as well as general best practices of vaccine procurement.

The material contained in this section provides specific information on the most critical features of vaccine procurement.

This page describes the vaccine procurement cycle and the role of stakeholders in the procurement process.

This page describes the methods and benefits of direct-country procurement, agent-assisted procurement, and pooled procurement mechanisms.

WHO’s Immunization Department (IVB), works closely with partners, particularly the PAHO Revolving Fund and UNICEF Supply Division on vaccine procurement policies and practicalities. This page provides web links to publicly-available information on vaccine procurement provided by WHO partners and other organizations.

Last update: April 2015

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