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At a glance, country pages present a summary of the immunization financing situation for available countries and provide key data and indicators of interest. These pages are intended for country-focused analysis and other relevant country specific information. The key information, data and indicators provided in these pages are based on national multi-year plans for immunization (cMYP). Individual pages offer the possibility to download the complete cMYP documents, accompanying annex materials, and previous Financial Sustainability Plans (FSP) for reference.

Status of National Comprehensive Multi-Year Plans (cMYPs)

Country Summary Pages

Autonomous or semi-autonomous territory:

The cMYP Immunization Financing Database

Populated with country level data generated through national multi-year immunization plans (cMYP), the database provides data on expenditure by cost categories and sources of financing by country and by region. Information can be disaggregated by routine immunization and campaign, and can be presented as total expenditure or per capita and per child.


The data on the immunization financing website is derived from the information obtained from available Financial Sustainability Plans (FSP) and multi-year immunization plans (cMYPs) developed by countries and submitted to GAVI as part of an application for support. Adjustments to the data were made to improve cross country comparisons and fixing known errors in the data. The World Health Organization and GAVI Alliance do not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of this data, and shall not be liable for damages incurred as a result of its use.

Last updated: March 2016