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Analyses of immunization financing

Various analyses on immunization financing have been produced based on the information contained in the immunization financing databases. Documentation and analysis on immunization financing are targeted to immunization managers, health planners and policy makers in developing countries that wish to know more about available options to finance national immunization programmes.

Vaccine co-financing

The GAVI Alliance introduced the principle of vaccine co-financing in 2007 where countries benefiting new vaccine introduction support share the cost of the vaccines supplied by the GAVI Alliance. The intention is to ensure immunization programmes are sustainable in the long-term. The GAVI co-financing policy has been revised in 2010. The GAVI-eligible countries have been grouped according to their GNI per capita (low income, intermediate and graduating groups) and the co-financing levels vary across the different groups.

Immunization financing options resource kit - "The briefcase"

Immunization financing options resource kit -

Principally intended for policy makers in Ministries of Health, Finance, and Planning and Investment, the Immunization Financing Options resource kit contains numerous briefing sheets that bring together up-to-date knowledge about the major advantages and drawbacks of available financing options for immunization.

GAVI Financing Task Force (FTF) - Financial sustainability for immunisation in the poorest countries lessons from GAVI 2000–2006

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