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Fragile lives

"Fragile Lives - Immunization at Risk ", an independent film written, produced and directed by acclaimed documentary film-maker Jenny Barraclough, brings to life the human face of immunization, its promises, and its challenges.

Filmed on location in Africa, Asia and Europe, it shows how immunization services in different parts of the world overcome the challenges that events such as war, unfounded rumours and geographical barriers present.

The film is the result of a collaboration between Jenny, the Children's Vaccine Program of the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (Executive Producer), WHO and UNICEF.

An edited version of the film is available for download onto your computer.

6-minute edited version

The following segments can be downloaded from the website of the Children's Vaccine Program

  • Part 1: Introduction + "The Last Case - Smallpox in Bangladesh
  • Part 2: "Outbreak - Meningitis in Burkina Faso
  • Part 3: "False Rumours - Polio in Uttar Pradesh"
  • Part 4: "Rejection - Measles in Ireland"
  • Part 5: "Complacency - Hepatitis B, the Silent Killer"
  • Part 6: "A Shortage of Vaccines" - Focusing on local vaccine development in Andhra Pradesh, India and the heroic efforts to vaccinate children there
  • Part 7: "The War Effect - Measles in Angola" + Closing and Credits

Children's Vaccine Program - Fragile Lives

The film was shown in its entirety on BBC World in May 2004