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Yellow Fever

Description: Yellow fever is caused by the yellow fever virus, which is carried by mosquitoes. It is endemic in 33 countries in Africa and 11 countries in South America. The yellow fever virus can be transmitted by mosquitoes which feed on infected animals in forests, then pass the infection when the same mosquitoes feed on humans travelling through the forest. The greatest risk of an epidemic occurs when infected humans return to urban areas and are fed on by the domestic vector mosquito Aedus aegypti, which then transmits the virus to other humans.

Prevention: Live viral yellow fever vaccine - one dose of 0.5 ml subcutaneously.

2016 global figures

      1'111 reported cases
      30'000 estimated deaths (in 2002)
      45% reported YF coverage (in the 44 countries and territories at risk)

Statistics on Yellow Fever

Last Update: 25 August 2017