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Accelerating the global effort for HIV vaccine research. Report of the third forum of the African AIDS vaccine programme. Yaoundé. Cameroon, 17-19 October 2005.

The African AIDS Vaccine Programme (AAVP) Forums provide ground for discussions between all interested parties working in the area of HIV vaccines in Africa, including scientists, community representatives, national decision-makers, international research agencies, vaccine industry and donors.The third AAVP forum focused on implementation of recommendations made by previous AAVP forums and addressed challenges in the current changing international environment for HIV vaccine development, under the following overall theme:''Africa's contribution to the global efforts for the development, evaluation and future access to HIV vaccines: the development of common policies and strategies for the conduct of multiple HIV clinical trials in Africa''. The forum culminated with the development of the ''Yaoundé Statement'' calling for a comprehensive and effective support for AAVP from international, regional and national policy makers within Africa.

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