Strengthening health security by implementing the International Health Regulations (2005)

IHR Monitoring

All States Parties are required to have or to develop minimum core public health capacities to implement the IHR (2005) (IHR) effectively. The Sixty-first World Health Assembly (WHA) in 2008 adopted a resolution in accordance with Article 54 of the IHR (2005) whereby States Parties and the World Health Organization (WHO) are required to report to the WHA on progress made in implementing the Regulations.

In this context, a monitoring framework was developed, which represents a consensus among technical experts from WHO Member States, technical institutions, partners and WHO. The main objectives of this monitoring tool are:

  • to give countries technical guidance in assessing the status of their IHR implementation and the development of IHR core capacities;
  • to facilitate the reporting of States parties to the WHA required under the IHR; and
  • to provide countries and partners with information on areas where support is needed.

In the 2 years after entry into force of the IHR in 2007, the WHO secretariat sent to States Parties a questionnaire designed to facilitate their reporting of IHR implementation to the WHA. Starting from 2010, a more detailed technical questionnaire was sent in order to determine a wider range of capacities relevant to the IHR and reflecting the expanded scope of the IHR.

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