Strengthening health security by implementing the International Health Regulations (2005)

Public Health Emergency Operations Centre Network (EOC-NET)

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EOC-NET transfers technology, knowledge and skills to promote better communication and coordination in responding to public health emergencies.

WHO is seeking high-level participation in its Coordination Advisory Group (CAG) to advise on IHR capacity building related to EOCs in Member States, and to promote partnerships among partners. The CAG will be formed of officials responsible for decision-making in provincial, national, and international public health EOCs, such as Directors of EOCs.

WHO is also seeking expert participants in EOC-NET Working Groups to advise the development of WHO guidance on building, using, maintaining and assessing public health EOCs.

A public health Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) is a central location for coordinating operational information and resources for strategic and tactical management of public health events and emergencies. Timely information sharing and exchange is the main function of an EOC and is essential for informing effective public health decisions and policies and for taking action.

In November 2012, WHO established the Public Health Emergency Operations Centre Network (EOC-NET) with the vision that “all Public Health EOCs will have the capacity and capability to perform core functions to ensure an effective response to public health emergencies”.

EOC-NET membership is open to EOCs, Institutions, and Individuals.  Nominated experts and officials should have first-hand experience in using or building/maintaining EOCs.