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Working Groups - Post Forum VI

The Forum Standing Committee (FSC) establishes working groups to assist in the preparation of documents for sessions of the Forum and carry out other work programme tasks. The working groups are open to all IFCS participants

WG Global Partnership to Phase Out Use of Lead in Paints

Forum VI adopted the Dakar Resolution for Elimination of Lead in Paints.

The Forum decided that a global partnership to promote the implementation of the measures contained in paragraph 57 of the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development is essential and that the partnership should support the phasing out of lead in lead-based paints. The Forum invited the Governing Bodies of relevant intergovernmental organisations including UNEP and WHO to support and participate in the initiative.

The Forum requested the Forum Standing Committee to establish an ad hoc Working Group (WG) following the lead sponsor approach to prepare draft Terms of Reference for a global partnership to be submitted to the second session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM-2) for its consideration.

Document submitted to ICCM-2

ICCM2: official meeting documents on Lead in Paint


G8 Environment Ministers Meetings
Chair’s Summary
Siracusa Environment Ministerial Meeting
Castello Maniace, Siracusa
22-24 April, 2009

The G8 and other participating countries have discussed the merits of a renewed and purposeful focus on safeguarding human health as a fundamental objective of environmental protection and sustainable development. Ministers have discussed the unique circumstances of children in their homes, schools and communities, and find that we can do more to ensure that children are born, grow, develop and thrive in environments with clean air, clean water, safe food, and minimal exposure to harmful chemicals.

The G8 countries identify several actions that are appropriate this day: promote rapid phase out of lead in paint, complete the global elimination of lead in gasoline, collaborate on research studies and research related to the children’s health and the environment including impacts of chemicals and heavy metals, effects of climate change, and improve the knowledge and build the capacity of all professionals involved in children’s environmental health issues