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7 August 2013

Today the Thai Clinical Trials Registy (TCTR) became a member of the Primary Registry Network of ICTRP. TCTR is also becoming a data provider and trials registered with TCTR will be added to the ICTRP database in early September 2013. This addition promotes research transparency and ensures the registration of all clinical trials conducted in Thailand.

26 March 2012

Today the EU Clinical Trials Register (EU-CTR) became a data provider to ICTRP Search Portal. This addition provides wider access to the information contained in ICTRP and contributes to the dissemination of information related to authorised clinical trials for use by the scientific community and the public.

16 September 2011

It is now possible to download results of the search into XML. This is an initial implementation and will be followed by future versions.

14 September 2011

Today the EU Clinical Trials Register (EU-CTR) became a member of the Primary Registry Network of ICTRP. It is hoped that the EU-CTR will become a data provider before the end of 2011.

5th April 2011

The first Primary Registry including trials in both Spanish and English was announced today with the addition of the Cuban Public Registry of Clinical Trials / Registro Público Cubano de Ensayos Clínicos (RPCEC) to the WHO Registry Network.

29 June 2010

Today the Clinical Research Information Service (CRiS) of the Republic of Korea has become a data provider to the ICTRP Search Portal. This means you can now find trials registered in their registry by searching the ICTRP Search Portal.

21 June 2010

Today the United Kingdom's National Health Service (NHS) became the first partner to use the ICTRP Web Service to display clinical trial search results from the ICTRP database on its website. They have developed a main clinical trials search page as well as condition specific pages. For example, if you are looking up information on asthma, there is a page that automatically shows a listing of clinical trials from the ICTRP database related to this condition. Once on this page, the search can also be further refined. Further condition specific pages can be found under the link "Health A-Z" on their site.

26 May 2010

The Clinical Research Information Service (CRiS) of the Republic of Korea has become the latest registry to join the list of Primary Registries in the WHO Registry Network. This means that CRiS conforms to WHO registry criteria and that registering trials with CRiS satisfies the trial registration policies of many medical journals.

24 May 2010

You can now search the ICTRP Search Portal on your phone. The address to type into your internet browser is:
You can also find this link on the normal homepage of the Search Portal.

27-28 April 2010

A meeting to discuss a potential Clinical Trials Registry Network for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) was held in Washington DC, 27-28 April 2010. The overall aim was to discuss the potential development of a cooperative network of interoperable national and regional clinical trials registries in the region. Specific aims were:

  • To share the current state of development of the ICTRP and the participation of LAC
  • To develop a strategy for achieving clinical trial registration in LAC, including:
    • A strategy for developing a cooperative network of primary and partner registries meeting WHO criteria and a single regional registration platform
    • A strategy for developing common and interoperable software platform
    • Sharing the experience of LAC and other regions developing strategies for clinical trial registration
    • Identifying key partners and potential advisers to the implementation

23 February 2010

The Japan Primary Registries Network (JPRN) is now a data provider of the ICTRP Search Portal. The JPRN is hosted by the National Institute of Public Health, Japan and is composed of 3 registries with records in English and Japanese:

  • Japan Pharmaceutical Information Center - Clinical Trials Information (JapicCTI)
  • Japan Medical Association - Center for Clinical Trials (JMACCT)
  • University Hospital Medical Information Network (UMIN)

12-13 February 2010

The first annual meeting of the Middle East Clinical Research Association (MECRA) was held in Beirut, Lebanon 12-13 February 2010, starting with a session dedicated to registering clinical trials in the Middle East. The meeting was opened by Dr. Mohamad Jawad Khalifeh, Minister of Health, Lebanon and was followed by presentations by the ICTRP and the Iranian Registry of Clinical Trials.

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