The WHO Reproductive Health Library (RHL)

About RHL

The WHO Reproductive Health Library (RHL) is an electronic journal published by the Department of Reproductive Health and Research at WHO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. RHL takes the best available evidence on sexual and reproductive health from Cochrane systematic reviews and presents it as informative summaries for clinicians (and policy-makers) to improve health outcomes, especially in developing countries.

Currently RHL is also published in Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. These language versions can be accessed free of charge on the Internet in all developing countries. Under an agreement between WHO and Wiley-Blackwell (copyright holders of the Cochrane systematic reviews), the full versions of Cochrane reviews in RHL are available free of charge in developed countries that have national subscriptions to The Cochrane Library.

Main inclusions in RHL

  • Full text of selected Cochrane systematic reviews
  • Summaries with an added implementation perspective on individual Cochrane reviews - RHL summaries
  • Independent expert commentaries on single or a collection of related Cochrane reviews - RHL commentaries (discontinued from May 2013)
  • A set of training videos to help clinicians master details of manual and surgical procedures - RHL videos
  • WHO guidelines on sexual and reproductive health topics.

RHL online