Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health

HRP Commitment

As part of its efforts to put into action the UN Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health, HRP commits to the Every Woman Every Child movement to generate, synthesize, coordinate and implement a prioritized research agenda for improving reproductive, maternal and newborn health. It will establish a global network of academic and research institutions, to develop and implement a global workplan to deliver a coordinated research agenda that informs policy formulation and strengthens health systems. Key issues will include the following actions in the 49 countries identified in the UNSG's Strategy:

  • fostering collaboration within a global network and with partners to facilitate strong linkages between academic/research institutions and government ministries to generate and apply research that identifies needs and barriers and facilitates implementation of interventions necessary to improve reproductive, maternal and newborn health;
  • promoting uptake of research findings that inform policies and programmes, including in partnerships with the private sector;
  • strengthening of research capacity in low-income countries to improve access to and quality of sexual and reproductive health services;
  • identifying and promoting best practices for advancing sexual and reproductive health;
  • supporting the scaling up of evidence-based interventions to improve reproductive, maternal and child health;
  • defining and updating norms and standards and facilitating their integration to support service delivery;
  • fostering innovation and development of new technologies, implementation strategies and innovative financing mechanisms that will improve sexual and reproductive health and reduce inequities in accessing services.

It will work with academic and research centres from the north and south to support countries to define and implement priority interventions to accelerate progress on women's and children's health.