Health workforce

The opportunities

Since 2000, many international initiatives have led to better awareness and understanding of the urgency of addressing human resources for health challenges. Now, as developmentof human resources for health is recognized as critical to achieving the MDGs, global health initiatives and large foundations as well as other bilateral donors, are stepping up support for interventions to address health workforce shortages.

Other factors are shaping human resources for health opportunities and challenges:

    • Globalization of the health labour market.
    • Increasing South-South collaboration in human resources for health policy development and implementation.
    • Increased pressure to harmonize interventions through better planning and listening to recipients’ views and priorities. Moreover, the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness has led to the emergence of new partnership initiatives.
    • Growing demand for technical cooperation, policy and plan development, capacity building, training at higher levels, regulation of quality, and monitoring and evaluation.
    • Greater access in low and middle income countries to additional financial resources from debt relief and external support to the health sector.
    • Recognition of the importance of the health workforce and health systems has become a lever for change globally.