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Report of the Global meeting on Human Resources for Health Observatories

Evidence-informed Human Resources for Health Policies: the contribution of HRH Observatories

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Number of pages: 24
Publication date: November 2011
Languages: English

After its launch, in 1999 in Chile, the initiative of the Human Resources for Health (HRH) Observatory continued to grow towards a global initiative, generating experiences in America, Africa, Asia and Europe. A selection of these experiences was presented and discussed at a Global Meeting of HRH Observatories in July 2011 in Lisbon, Portugal. These experiences show the need and potential for countries in establishing cooperative mechanisms that bring together strategic information and evidence for policy decisions on planning, provision and the deployment of competent and motivated human resources and for strengthening their health systems towards universal coverage. The HRH Observatories were found to be highly instrumental in addressing this need.