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Midwifery Educator core competencies

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Number of pages: 48
Languages: English, French
ISBN: 978 92 4 150654 8


The midwifery core competencies if appropriately used can contribute to the improvement of the quality of midwifery education and services. Eight domains have been identified. There are: Ethical and legal principles of midwifery, Midwifery practice, Theoretical learning, Learning in the clinical area, Assessment and evaluation of students and programmes, Organization, management and leadership, Communication, leadership and advocacy and Research. These core competencies can be used to develop innovative curriculum contents and teaching approaches, with strong effective links between theory and midwifery practice.

WHO midwifery educator core competencies: building capacities of midwifery educators

This document is a companion to the Midwifery Educator Competencies. It is designed to help countries put together short-term programmes to update current and/or maintain the competencies of midwife teachers. It provides some examples including assessment tools

WHO midwifery educator core competencies: Adaptation tool

This document is a practical guide developed primarily to assist those responsible for midwifery education in countries to adopt, adapt and use the global core competencies to strengthen the preparation of midwifery teachers. The competencies can also be used to strengthen the links between midwifery theory and practice