Health workforce

2008 events dealing with human resources for health

8-12 December, Praia, Cape Verde - Technical cooperation for the development of human resources for health in Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa (PALOP)

The purpose of the meeting was to review the current situation and to discuss strategies to improve the national and regional ability to develop and implement policies of HRH. The meeting also aimed to identify future activities and actions, at the national as well as the international level, including the Health Cooperation Strategic Plan (PECS) for the Community of the Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP).

17-19 November 2008, Bamako, Mali - Global Ministerial Forum on Research for Health

This event will brought together up to 1000 policy-makers and researchers to focus on the key linkages between the health sector and research, science and technology, higher education, and the global innovation system. A key area of focus was strengthening human resources in health research systems, with particular attention to the African context.

12-15 October 2008, Sri Lanka - Third Conference of the Asia Pacific Action Alliance on Human Resources for Health

The third conference of the Asia Pacific Action Alliance on Human Resources for Health (AAAH) was held in Colombo and Kandy, Sri Lanka, coordinated by the AAAH and its members with support from the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition of Sri Lanka, the Global Health Workforce Alliance, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, and the Public Health Foundation of India. The theme of this year's conference was "Globalisation and its implications on health care services and human resources for health."

6-9 October 2008, Cape Town, South Africa - 8th Biennial Conference of the International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA)

The conference addressed professionalism in its medical context, its value and relevance in the 21st century, and whether it should be taught, measured and regulated. The event, “Medical Professionalism: the Building Blocks”, was hosted by the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

22–26 September 2008, Cotonou, Benin - Regional Seminar on Human Resources for Health Development

The workshop on "Développer ses Ressources Humaines en Santé: enjeux et solutions" brought together participants from 11 French-speaking African countries to explore options and build capacity in planning, developing, managing and monitoring the health workforce. The five-day meeting was organized by the World Bank, in collaboration with the WHO, Organisation Ouest Africaine de la Santé and French Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Agence Française de Développement.

3-8 August 2008, Mexico City, Mexico - XVII International AIDS Conference

This event brought together some 25 000 scientists, government representatives, health workers, activists, corporate leaders, and people living with HIV and AIDS. The biennial conference offers an opportunity to share new scientific research and engage in dialogue concerning the global response to HIV/AIDS. The global health workforce crisis was the focus of one of the satellite meetings, entitled "HIV and Human Resources: competing priorities or interconnected solutions?"

19-22 August 2008, Colombo, Sri Lanka - Regional Workshop on Health System Strengthening and Tuberculosis Control

Participants shared experiences and developed country-specific priority actions for national tuberculosis (TB) control programmes in the context of health systems strengthening, including human resource for health (HRH) development, in the WHO South-East Asia region. Challenges related to HRH were universally identified as one of the key health system challenges facing national TB programmes. The HRH Action Framework and its adaptation to TB control was identified as a valuable resources for providing clear directions for developing targeted solutions.

10-11 June 2008, New York, United States of America - Meeting of the International Working Group on Education

This technical meeting brought together experts from different development agencies and foundations of the International Working Group on Education (IWGE). Participants discussed issues of common interest relating to international co-operation in the field of education. The WHO Department of Human Resources for Health participated with a presentation on the rising profile of the global health workforce crisis.

3-4 April 2008, Berkeley, California, United States of America - Berkeley Conference on the Global Health Workforce: from evidence-based research to policy

The conference brought together over 80 researchers, professionals, policy makers and other stakeholders on human resources for health (HRH) from some 20 countries. The programme included oral and poster presentations highlighting recent research advances relevant to HRH policy and planning and concluded with a roundtable session on "global health workforce policy implementation".

2-7 March 2008, Kampala, Uganda - First Global Forum on Human Resources for Health

This event brought together some 1500 participants, including donors, experts and more than 30 ministers of health, education and finance. The Forum comprised a series of topical keynote addresses, thematic panel discussions and related parallel break-out sessions, as well as skills building workshops, constituency meetings and poster presentations. The themes addressed included: leadership; financing; management; migration and retention; education and training; and partnerships. Attendees at the Forum endorsed the Kampala Declaration and the Agenda for Global Action, and called for immediate and sustained action to resolve the critical shortage of health workers around the world.