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The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery

Surgery is an integral, indivisible component of a properly functioning health system, and all people should have access to safe, high-quality surgical and anesthesia care with financial protection when needed. The purpose of The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery is to make this vision a reality by embedding surgery within the global health agenda, catalysing political change, and defining scalable solutions for provision of quality surgical and anesthesia care for all.

Published in LANCET Global Health (Online: 11 March 2015)

Health-care workers as agents of sustainable development

At the outset of the post-2015 era, discussions around 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their 169 subtargets are moving at a fast pace. Although the new agenda will not take its final shape until September, 2015, its complexity is an undeniable reality. Multiple dimensions of sustainable development refer to a multitude of capacities that implementers should have. The question is who should these implementers be?

Invitation to tender for estimating requirements for the global strategy on human resources for health

The objective of this assignment is for the World Health Organization (WHO), in collaboration with the World Bank and other stakeholder, to identify the health workforce requirements for the implementation of the WHO global strategy on human resources for health and for the attainment of the health targets envisaged under the emerging Sustainable Development Goals, and the corresponding financing and costing estimates under a range of different possible scenarios. The development of the estimates will contribute to the contents of the WHO global strategy on human resources for health, as well as represent a stand-alone research activity aiming to inform future efforts in support of global health workforce initiatives. The invitation to tender outlines the expectations and requirements of this assignment. The deadline for submissions is 8 March 2015.

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