Household water treatment and safe storage

Network objectives


The Network will advocate, promote and facilitate the inclusion of HWTS in policies and practices at the national, regional and global level.


The Network will provide high quality information to create awareness of HWTS. The two primary audiences for Network communication activities will be Network members themselves to promote information sharing and other key stakeholders, especially those in the developing world, who will enable the Network to accomplish its mission.


The Network will promote independent research to evaluate interventions by collecting, analysing and disseminating data on efficacy, cost-effectiveness, health impact, acceptability, affordability, scalability and sustainability.


The Network will strive to empower people without access to improved water sources, plus those with improved but unsafe sources, to take charge of their own drinking water safety by working with communities to implement effective, affordable and sustainable HWTS interventions. Particular attention will be given to those most affected by waterborne diseases, such as children, immune-compromised persons, the poor, refugees and internally displaced persons.