Household water treatment and safe storage

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The webinar entitled "Measuring use and impact of household water treatment: from evidence to action" held 27 April 2011, featured presentations from Daniele Lantagne (Harvard) and Orlando Hernandez (AED). Over 60 individuals participated in this first of a series of webinars. A summary of the webinar, including the Q&A, was released in the June Newsletter (see link below).


The Network facilitates various communication mechanisms including the Network newsletter/listserve, the webspace (EzCollab) accessible to registered Network participants, webinars and various Network meetings, workshops and events. For further information please contact or To view past Newsletters visit the link below.

Survey of national HWTS policies and regulations

In an effort to inform activities related to achieving international targets on household water treatment and safe storage policies, nationals and those working with governments are asked to answer a short survey. The survey is 15 questions and will take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Further information on international targets on national HWTS policies

Advocacy/Communications documents and reports

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Links to draft national policy frameworks aiming to integrate HWTS within water and sanitation activities

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Household water treatment and safe storage

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