Management, management systems and coordination


The scaling up of HIV testing and counselling services requires an effective system of management and coordination in order to ensure that policies, guidelines, systems, resources (financial, human and material), roles, responsibilities and deadlines are translated into programme activities and implemented so as to achieve the delivery of HIV testing and counselling services as equitably as possible.

Management and coordination vary with the setting. Coordination is important for ensuring the quality of HIV testing and counselling services and links to other services, the efficiency of HIV testing and counselling services, and better use of resources to reduce the duplication of services. Communication between managers is essential for this coordination.

This pressent section deals with:

  • operational issues requiring consideration (e.g. establishing a clear vision for the planning and implementation of HIV testing and counselling services, management of day-to-day activities, monitoring and evaluation, coordination and quality assurance);
  • the need for efficient management and coordination when services are being decentralized and scaling up is taking place;
  • key questions relating to the development of effective management systems.


Guidelines for Setting Up a Managed Health Care Plan

This book assists provider and insurer groups develop improved models for cost-effective health care which is affordable to a wide range of citizens. A managed health care plan is a program that integrates the financing and delivery of health care services and promises to meet all the medical needs of its members for a set premium per month. The program acts as both insurer and provider. The managed care programs used as the basis for these publications are targeted to serve poor, as well as middle-income, groups. The same objective of achieving cost-effective services is relevant regardless of the target group being served. The book draws heavily upon the long-term technical assistance projects in Kenya and the Philippines.

Zimbabwe VCT Program: New Start Centre Operating Procedure Manual

This document describes the VCT centres and services that are offered in Zimbabwe. Each aspect of the services from management to evaluation is included and serves as an excellent manual for the set up of new services. The annex at the end consists of key tools such as surveys, forms, checklists and codes that can be tailored to each country.

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