HIV testing, treatment and prevention: generic tools for operational research

3 June 2009

As part of its efforts to obtain evidence to inform the public health approach to HIV treatment and prevention, the HIV/AIDS Department of the World Health Organization has developed tools for operational research on topics that have relevance to programmes. The tools include:

  • A main document which is intended to serve as a basis for formulating research questions and designing an operational research project to address them. The document includes 4 sections:

    • HIV testing and counselling

    • HIV stigma and discrimination

    • Adherence to antiretrovirals

    • HIV prevention in the context of scaled-up access to HIV treatment

  • Data collection instruments covering the above topics, from which relevant modules can be selected. At present, the following instruments are available:

    • A questionnaire for collecting data from clients at health facilities

    • A questionnaire for collecting data from health care providers at health facilities

Download the main document

Download the questionnaires