Toolkit for targeted HIV/AIDS prevention and care in sex work settings

ISBN 92 4 159296 6
2 December 2005

 sex work toolkit

In many parts of the world, sex workers have been among the groups most vulnerable to and most affected by HIV since the beginning of the AIDS pandemic. After more than a decade of research and intervention in sex work settings there is a substantial body of knowledge on the behaviours that put sex workers, their clients and regular partners at risk and on the contextual factors that create vulnerability to HIV/AIDS. In addition, much has been learnt about what works to prevent HIV transmission in sex work settings, about how to provide care and support services, and to empower sex workers to improve their health and well-being.

Some of this knowledge has been disseminated through published research and conference presentations but much knowledge and expertise has not been formally documented or exists only in unpublished reports. The purpose of this toolkit is to make both published and unpublished information more accessible to a wider audience, and so to contribute to global efforts to develop and scale up effective HIV interventions in sex work settings.

Most of the items in this toolkit focus on HIV prevention in such settings. Less information is available on treatment, care and support for sex workers living with HIV. Tools relating to these matters will be added as they become available.