Chapter 9: Guidance on operations and service delivery

Consolidated ARV guidelines, June 2013

Consolidated ARV guidelines 2013 - Chapter 9: Guidance on operations and service delivery

This chapter provides guidance on key issues related to operations and service delivery that need to be addressed to strengthen the continuum of HIV care and further integrate the provision of ARV drugs into health systems.

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  • 9.1 Introduction
  • 9.2 Adherence to ART
    9.2.1 Barriers to adherence
    9.2.2 Interventions to optimize adherence to ART
    9.2.3 Monitoring adherence to ART in routine programme and care settings
  • 9.3 Retention across the continuum of care
    9.3.1 Background
    9.3.2 Good practices for retention across the continuum of care
  • 9.4 Service delivery
    9.4.1 Good practices in providing chronic care
    9.4.2 Integrating and linking services Delivering ART in antenatal care and maternal and child health settings Delivering ART in TB treatment settings and TB treatment in HIV care settings ART in settings providing opioid substitution therapy
    9.4.3 Decentralizing HIV treatment and care
  • 9.5 Human resources
    9.5.1 Building human resource capacity
    9.5.2 Task shifting for HIV treatment and care
  • 9.6 Laboratory and diagnostic services
    9.6.1 Overview
    9.6.2 Implementation considerations and good practices
    9.6.3 Strengthening and expanding laboratory and diagnostic services
    9.6.4 Supporting a dedicated specimen referral system
    9.6.5 Increasing access to HIV viral load testing
    9.6.6 Expanding diagnostic services to point-of-care settings
    9.6.7 Providing guidance for developing health workers’ capacity, including staff training and certification
    9.6.8 Implementing comprehensive quality management systems
  • 9.7 Procurement and supply management systems
    9.7.1 Overview
    9.7.2 Rationale and supporting evidence
    9.7.3 Implementation considerations and good practices Selecting pharmaceuticals and diagnostics Procurement Storage and distribution Use and monitoring