Entry points to antiretroviral treatment

19 December 2003

Entry points to antiretroviral treatment

Scaling up access to antiretroviral (ARV) treatment must build on existing clinical or public health services and extend their coverage. It also means making the most of synergies between prevention and care, recognizing that people are more likely to follow prevention advice when they receive comprehensive services. To accomplish this, it will be necessary to exploit opportunities - or entry points - for identifying people who could benefit from treatment. Entry points must provide, or facilitate the link to, HIV testing and counselling, the gateway to treatment services. Entry points include:

  • Clinical situations where there may be a high suspicion of HIV-related disease (acute clinical services; tuberculosis services) or where people seeking care have a high likelihood of HIV infection (sexually transmitted infection or drug treatment services).
  • Community-based opportunities for identifying people within high-prevalence networks who are not using clinic services.