Fighting HIV/AIDS, the greatest epidemic in modern history

Interview with Dr Gottfried Hirnschall and other leaders in HIV field

In February 2013, Dr Hirnschall, Director of HIV Department participated in an interview for “Thought Economics”, which also featured other notable guests:

  • Michel Sidibé, Executive Director, UNAIDS;
  • Dr Stefano Bertozzi, Director of HIV at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation;
  • Dr Robert Gallo, Founder of The Institute of Human Virology (IHV), who became world famous in 1984 when he co-discovered HIV as the cause of AIDS; and
  • Brian West, Chair of the European Aids Treatment Group, who has been living with HIV for over 25 years.

Together with the other interviewees, he shared his views on the origins of the disease, its progression in different parts of the world and his convictions about the global goal to end the HIV epidemic.