The future of antiretroviral treatment

Feature story
9 November 2012

Dr Gottfried Hirnschall, WHO HIV Department Director has published a blog on AVERT as part of its "Reflections on the epidemic" series marking the World AIDS Day 2012. Highlighting the optimism generated by the evidence confirming prevention benefits of antiretroviral treatment, he raises some of the key questions to be addressed by the global community in moving towards achieving the goal of "Getting to Zero".

He also underlines that the future progress will depend upon how effectively and strategically countries can respond to emerging scientific evidence and guidance, sharing his optimism for the world to reach 15 million and more people with ART for both prevention and treatment benefits.

WHO has released up-to-date guidance to countries in 2012 on some strategies to use ART more effectively and will be releasing more consolidated guidelines on all aspects of ART next year.