Experts deliberate recommendations for new WHO Consolidated ARV Guidelines

12-13 December 2012

In December, a WHO-convened meeting reviewed evidence on HIV treatment for adults, pregnant women and children. Participants included more than 100 clinical experts, implementers and community representatives from around the world. They based their discussions on more than 40 systematic reviews commissioned by WHO in 2012, modeling of costs and effectiveness, and surveys among the community and implementers.

Experts strove to simplify HIV treatment approaches, harmonize them across age groups, and to identify best ways for equitable access to HIV treatment and prevention.

The meeting resulted in a set of draft recommendations on ARV use which will be further refined in collaboration with the expert groups over the coming months. In April 2013 the full set of recommendations will be considered by the WHO Guidelines Review Committee. Release of the “Guideline on using ARVs for Treatment and Prevention of HIV Infection” is planned for June 2013.