WHO´s response to HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis in the European region

Patient receiving hepatitis testing in a mobile clinic
Photo courtesy: UK hepatitis C trust

6 October 2014 – BARCELONA - Gottfried Hirnschall speaks at the HepHIV2014 conference representing the WHO Regional Director for Europe, Zsuzsanna Jakab. In his speech, he highlights the need for increased testing, overall "public health approach" for equitable access, and measurable targets used in HIV response as valuable lessons that should be applied in the response to viral hepatitis. There are estimated 2.2 million people living with HIV and some 28 million adults living with hepatitis B and C in Europe.

WHO commentary on topical pre-exposure prophylaxis

WHO commentary on topical pre-exposure prophylaxis

8 September 2014 - A commentary published by WHO staff in the Journal of the International AIDS Society speaks about the new topical pre-exposure prophylaxis products expected to become available in 2015. It stresses the importance and need for WHO guidelines for these interventions to be used most optimally and in the context of comprehensive sexual, reproductive health and human rights.

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