Procurement and supply management (PSM) Toolbox project

About the PSM toolbox

In recent months, the AMDS team of WHO's HIV/AIDS department and its partner organizations initiated a project to provide a platform for Procurement and Supply Management (PSM) tools. The tools were developed for HIV-related health commodities including medicines and diagnostics for HIV/AIDS care and condoms. The project's aim is two-fold: 1) to create a database listing available PSM tools for HIV-related health commodities, and 2) to provide assistance in selecting PSM tools that are suitable for a particular situation.

Contributors to this project included successful organizations in this field which have developed PSM tools for HIV-related health commodities. Other contributors included experts using the tools in the field and AMDS partners and other organizations which have developed tools. The contributors were requested to enter them into a template and contributions were reviewed during a January 2007 consensus meeting in order to agree the criteria, format and content of the PSM toolbox.

In November 2007, as a next step of PSM toolbox project, a new web site with a sophisticated search engine was developed and put on the internet. To visit new PSM toolbox website click on the following link.